ACSkins says “Center yourself.. Stabilize your core”...And you’ll have more strength, more power, more energy, more freedom to move, to workout, to strike... Ask any ballet dancer, guru master, martial artist, even weight lifters. They’ll all tell you the same thing... when you are centered and stable, you are a force... You’ll perform better, last longer and recover faster. 

Where should one start??? ACSkins “The Lock” for men and women is not a compression short. It has been engineered to hold your core and is patented, the first of its kind. John Bingham or as he is affectionately known by marathoners “the Penguin” saw and tried “The Lock” at the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon and said, “The Lock” is the most innovative product he’s seen in twenty years.  Yusuf Omar President & CEO of The System describes it this way, “The “Lock” Core Compression short supports the pelvic floor region so it prevents you from losing pelvic floor stability, which in turn, can help you lift and move better.  The “Lock” CORE COMPRESSION SHORT should be a staple to any athlete’s training arsenal, just like a pair of workout shoes, or water. 




 “The Lock” is a vital part of ACSkins, a new innovative Brand of athletic apparel and equipment that features a significant step forward in performance and comfort in an oversaturated world of promise without punch athletic gear.


ACSkins listened hard to consumer and focus groups about the shortcomings of Polyester. They’re chemists attacked the problems of synthetics and after three years achieved a major breakthrough, Active Cotton. In May of 2008 Active Cotton was featured as a Top Innovator in Apparel Magazine for fabric development throughout the world.  It is licensed and endorsed by Cotton Inc.


Many ACSkins tops and bottoms feature Active Cotton.  This signature characteristic moves moisture away from your skin. BTW, wicking cotton is becoming quite the thing... So much so that Under Armor (you remember their motto, right??) COTTON IS THE ENEMY.... has jumped on the wagon... and is about to launch its new line of “Charged Cotton” into the market.


Unlike polyester wicking, which just spreads your sweat all over the fabric, ACSkins garments’ takes the sweat away from your body, pushes it to the exterior of the garment so you are drier, more comfortable. ACSkins went to the North Carolina State marathon championship 3 years ago, and put their garments on three hundred serious runners, then polled them post race. 78% (that’s an incredible 4 out of 5) preferred ACSkins to synthetics. 82% would recommend ACSkins to fellow athletes and 88% said their shirts were less saturated than their usual poly performance shirts.


WOW! How about that!! Have we been brainwashed all these years??? Can Cotton outperform those nasty, smelly, pilley petroleum based products...And look pretty darn hot, doing just that?? Bet your boots it can.


The more you wear ACSkins, Active Cotton, the better it feels and performs, wash after wash.  


ACSkins is getting rave reviews and leading the way in this breakthrough cotton revolution from athletics to yoga, from marathoners to beach volleyball, and of course, fashion.


Whether it’s a top, shorts, skirts, tights, pants or even second layer, ACSkins garments will get you through your workout in great form...On hot days, it will move the sweat away from your skin so it can evaporate and keep you cool... On cold days, in the shade, wind or on the ice, you will be warm without the “chill”  factor. It’s antibacterial for life, so it won’t smell. And its cotton, so comfort is a given...Ask for it by name...   

ACSkins Fitness & Yoga 



If you’re a Canadian Beach Volleyball fan you know the Gold medal winners Martin Reader and Chaim Schalk, Liz Maloney and Heather Bansley wearing ACSkins.




ACSkins... The most comfortable workout wear you can imagine.....